Femininity, that is my message.

 Through color and flowers, I share my experience as a woman, gently, with love with grace.

I study the organic and its structures, I analyze its functions and forms in the cycle of nature. The binding metaphor between pistil and clitoris portrays the subtle sexuality of the flora.

Throughout my work I become aware of my status as a woman and my role in culture and society, more as a woman than as a chronicler of this time.


I use my experiences as a woman and as an artist to express vitality and love. My challenges are to criticize the culture, customs and practices that affect the self-determination of other women around the world, just as I face their environment with a challenging and creative attitude.

My work makes a recognition to the struggle that each woman executes to leave a valuable mark on the society of which she is a constructive element.

The color, the forms, the contrast, the sexuality, the femininity, the joy, the pain, the love look different when one is aware of the strength of the feminine.

I thank God and the life that made me a woman.

My work is my way of being solidary, romantic, loving, strong and fighter.

I suffer from the suffering of women, I admire them and I learn from them; it's a subject of infinite inspiration

For me and for all!